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Welcome To Surya Plant Science

Tissue culture offers uniform yields, good selection of right varieties, resistance against disease and faster, larger yield compared to conventional planting material. With a production capacity of two million plants per annum, our commercial wing supplies the following plants on a routine basis.

We produce many varieties of banana using carefully selected disease and virus free elite mother plants. The production process ensures uniform mutation free saplings


Grand Naine: Dessert Banana with sweet taste. Its fruit size is 10-12 inches and fruit color is solid green when young, turning to pale green when ripened. Grand Naine can yield 30-35 kgs per plant.


Sona: The Sona variety of Banana has a strong pseudostem so propping is not required for the bunch and it yields better than Grand Naine! The longer and thicker fruit fetches higher price than Grand Naine.


Williams:This tall cavendish gives excellent yield even in poor soil and doesn’t require support for the bunch.


We ship Banana plants internationally, accompanied with a virus indexing certificate if needed. Contact us for further information.