Metal Air Release Valve

SKU: ff1e62a42732


  • Available in : 2″ BSP Male threaded connection Female threaded
    Aluminum Cover with 11/2″ BSP/NPT Female threaded drain port
    Cover with orange color powder coating for easy visibility on unit and longer life.
  • To be installed on the header unit before the main throttle valve to
  • protect the bursting of main & sub-main lines occurring due to development of excessive pressure / water surges.
  • Provides pressure surge protection for irrigation system.
  • Adjustable pressure setting maximizes performance for individual applications .
  • High strength cast aluminium body, stainless steel shaft offers strength & corrosion resistance .
  • Oil tempered oil spring provide responsive operation for individual
    pressure range .
  • Can be supplied at pre-set pressure or can be adjusted in field also.